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Store and use chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions only. Never store chemicals inside the home, near heat, or near flame sources. Promptly dispose of chemicals properly if the container is punctured or otherwise damaged.

Chemical Transportation:

Keep your vehicle clean and organized.
Separate incompatible materials by distributing them between the front seat, back seat, and/or trunk.
Do not purchase or carry damaged containers.
To prevent movement of spillage, securely anchor your load.

Pool Chemical Storage:

Store chemicals in a cool, dry, well ventilated place with a locked or secure entry.
Do not store outside or in direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep all pool and spa chemicals separate for each other and other chemicals. Violent reactions such as explosion, fire, or noxious gas fumes can be produced when incompatible chemicals contact each other. NEVER mix any chemicals together.
Do not stack chemical containers.
Immediately after opening, replace caps firmly.
Post emergency information and phone numbers nearby.

Using Pool Chemicals:

Follow label directions carefully. Read the instructions! If the label is faded or torn, do not guess what it says. Return the product to your dealer.
Add chemicals to pool water, not the other way around. Chemicals must be added directly to the pool or through a feeder specially designed for that specific chemical. When chemicals are added directly to the skimmer, the strong concentrations could harm pool equipment or swimmers. If the instructions call for chemical dilution, use a clean, oversized bucket with water in it. Add chemicals to the water in the bucket. Read the instructions!
Wear safety glasses or a face shield when handling chemicals. A breathing respirator may be included to prevent fume inhalation. Take other protective measures such as wearing gloves and a plastic apron.
DO NOT MIX CHEMICALS – EVER! This includes directly mixing full-strength or diluted chemicals in a bucket or even in the same location in the pool. At the very least, you could anticipate a water-quality problem. However, you could be endangering your life and the lives of others. Chemicals cannot be mixed with each other by using containers or scoops that were previously used for other chemicals. Always use a clean bucket and scoop that has been designated only for one particular chemical.
Never smoke around chemicals. Fire or explosion could result.
Do not breathe chemical fumes or dust. If skin contact occurs, wash immediately. If chemicals splash into eyes, flush eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes and immediately contact a physician.
Use ONLY a water-filled fire extinguisher on a chlorine chemical fire. Never use the dry chemical type of fire extinguisher.
Keep emergency numbers, including the fire department, poison control center, and MSDS, posted and on-hand for all chemicals.

As always, we at Campbell’s Pool & Spa want you to have a safe and satisfying pool experience. Remember, safety comes first. It is not worth the repercussions of sacrificing safety for time.
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